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Re: Mitred conure feather turning black--HELP!!!

Posted by Hildegaard on 6/08/07
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    It turns out that my conure's feathers were turning black because
    of the stress caused by a visiting friend's child. I don't know
    what the kid was doing when I wasn't around, but as soon as she
    was no longer here, the bird's behavior changed back to normal.
    she now seems much happier, less noisy, and her feathers have
    stopped getting black. The vet also checked for internal
    parasites, asked about diet and other recent changes, etc. and
    said that other than the feathers, the bird seems really healthy.
    Anyway, thanks for your ideas. I hope this will be the end of
    the problem.

    On 6/04/07, Birdmom wrote:
    > Not sure I agree with this. I have an extraordinary black cap
    > and his feathers have done this. Vet said this is a
    > nutritional or stress related problem. This is serious; not
    > from handling. I have talked to the people at Kaytee who
    > develop the extruded pellets. She was very helpful. Google
    > images and you'll see what I mean, if we are talking about the
    > same thing. Type in "stress bars".
    >> Do you handle you bird alot? I have had a greencheek & gold
    >> capped conures and both are very spoiled and handled alot. I
    >> had the same thing happen and spent a couple hundred dollars
    >> for a vet to do tests and then I found out that is caused
    >> from the birds getting handled. I know how you might feel I
    >> freaked out thinking they had got into something or ate
    >> something they shouldn't have. But it turns out that they
    >> are fine and just having lots of fun.