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Re: what type of conure is the best?

Posted by Hank on 7/10/07
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    On 6/13/07, Ciara wrote:
    > in your opinion
    > i have a marroon belly
    > but id love another as he is very friendly and socialble
    > and i think he would be happy with at least one more bird
    > he is about a year old
    > any thoughts?

    We breed several different types of Conures and I have found
    that my personal favorites are White Eyed Conures and Black
    Capped Conures. If you are looking for a bigger conure we
    love the personality of the White Eyed Conure. They are not
    as common as many of the other conures but the search can
    prove to be very rewarding for owners. In a smaller package
    we love the clownish nature of the Black Capped Conure. They
    remind me so much of a Caique only in a conure body. Conures
    differ so greatly in their personality it is important for
    you to isolate the qualities you seek in a companion Conure
    before making a choice. Conures offer something for everyone
    at an affordable price. I hope this helps.