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Re: how do i sex my conure without dna testing?

Posted by Mikey on 6/13/07
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    On 6/13/07, Ciara wrote:
    > ive heard its through feeling the pelvic bones and if
    > theyre close its a male if not female
    > but how close is close
    > mine are just less than my baby toe say but they would
    > expand during laying if they needed to i presume?
    > is my bird most likely a girl?

    If you really need to know the sex get your bird DNAd.
    Obviously, no one can explain the """"but how close is
    close"" over a PC without knowing if you know what 'close'
    is. Anyway, who knows how big your baby toe is. Could be
    over or undersized. Your right toe might be bigger or
    smaller than your left toe but a podriatrist could help you