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Re: Found: Sun conure

Posted by ME TOO!!!!!!!! on 6/28/07
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    On 6/28/07, Lisa wrote:
    > On 6/25/07, Mary wrote:
    >> Found in Perris/Lake Elsinore area of So. Calif.
    > Hello from San Diego! I went on line this afternoon and
    > noticed your post regarding the Sun Conure that you found. I
    > have a gold cap conure that is very lonely for a friend and
    > cries out to other birds in our neighborhood as a result. I
    > was wondering if you need a home for the Sun Conure, if the
    > owner cannot be located. Please let me know if you do.
    > Sincerely,
    > Lisa

    Yea Mary I want a free bird also. My children are crying for a
    free sun conure. How bout it?