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Re: Sun Conure

Posted by karen on 6/29/07
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    On 6/29/07, Miriam wrote:
    > I have had a 2 year old male Sun Conure for 3 months.
    > Recently he has been beating up on himself and squawking.
    > Can anybody tell me why?

    Conures are social birds.
    He needs more time out of his cage & more attention. Is the
    cage large enough for his active play?
    If a conure becomes frustrated because his needs are not
    being met they can become quite agitated and angry.
    They have a lot of energy and need a chance to burn it off
    A conure needs a lot of toys to destroy, flight time, and
    time with their people "flock". Personally I would never
    give a conure a full wing trim, just a 1/2 inch off the last
    3-5 flight feathers to slow them down if needed. Check with
    a vet but do not let the vet over trim!
    When I get a new bird the first thing I do is take them to a
    good avian vet for a full exam including blood work and
    fecal check. An underlying condition or hookworms should be
    taken care of quickly!
    In my opinion conures are some of the most delightfully
    social birds. Many will crawl in and out of your shirt, lay
    on there backs and "kick" your fingers as you tickle there
    belly & fall asleep at the nape of your neck. (AFTER THEY
    TRUST YOU) If this boy has not been properly socialized be
    patent and give him time. I have seen many conures given up
    to refuges that just needed their needs met to become
    wonderful companions!
    Give this guy a pellet diet with fresh food in a separate
    dish and use nuts to convince him you are the best friend he
    has ever had. Eliminate sunflower seeds from his diet. If
    he is on a seed diet you may have to wean him off the seeds
    slowly. Introduce healthy food by hand if he does not know
    what they are!
    If a bird has not been exposed to fresh food they may not
    know what it is and need to be coaxed. I have weaned birds
    of a seed diet by letting them “steal” fresh food & pellets
    off my plate. Conures tend to want what you have so this is
    easy once they trust you.
    & Yes I keep saying trust as that is the fist thing that
    must be established. Each creator will learn trust at there
    own pace, but if you earn it, they will learn it!
    Be patient, it may take some time but it will be worth it
    when he falls asleep on your lap!
    One more thing, while gaining trust keep this thought “I
    must keep my energy level low, stay calm”
    If you are getting stressed with a new bird, step back, take
    a deep breath, and take a break.
    Also remember birds need at lest 8hr of quiet, dark, good
    sleep at night. If a new bird "frights" at night turn on
    some lights and talk quietly to calm him till he calms.
    I like the video good bird Inc. made & the one
    called “captive foraging”
    Good Luck!