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Re: Sun Conure

Posted by Miriam on 6/30/07
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    On 6/30/07, Miriam wrote:
    > On 6/29/07, karen wrote:
    >> On 6/29/07, Miriam wrote:
    >>> I have had a 2 year old male Sun Conure for 3 months.
    >>> Recently he has been beating up on himself and squawking.
    >>> Can anybody tell me why?
    >> Conures are social birds.
    >> He needs more time out of his cage & more attention. Is the
    >> cage large enough for his active play?
    >> If a conure becomes frustrated because his needs are not
    >> being met they can become quite agitated and angry.
    >> They have a lot of energy and need a chance to burn it off
    >> A conure needs a lot of toys to destroy, flight time, and
    >> time with their people "flock". Personally I would never
    >> give a conure a full wing trim, just a 1/2 inch off the last
    >> 3-5 flight feathers to slow them down if needed. Check with
    >> a vet but do not let the vet over trim!
    >> When I get a new bird the first thing I do is take them to a
    >> good avian vet for a full exam including blood work and
    >> fecal check. An underlying condition or hookworms should be
    >> taken care of quickly!

    Hi Karen:

    Thanks so very much for responding to my inquiry. Much
    > &37;0