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Re: email to chet womach

Posted by Dave on 7/24/07
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    On 7/24/07, BETTY FRELICH wrote:
    > dear mr chet womach i order the organic parrot food for my
    > conure,when i place my order i could not tell you when i
    > wanted my food to come. it's like i could not decide for
    > self when i wanted it. i want it to come every three
    > for a start. if i need it sooner i'll let you. one more
    > question? how come you don't have a easiler way of
    > contracting you? how come you dont put a telephone number
    > on your website? i like to deal with your website,but you
    > make it very hard.which i think you dont really care about
    > your birds,or your customers.

    He has a very bad reputation of either being extremely late
    when sending orders or not sending the orders at all. This
    is most common concerning his Training DVD. Recently, on
    another board he was forced to admit that when he first made
    the training DVD quite a while ago, he wasn't very
    experienced in the correct methods that should be used
    concerning certain training regimens. Basically, it had to
    do with using sticks constantly but he says that he has
    since corrected his ways. The problem is though, people DID
    buy that early DVD version and proceeded to do the wrong
    thing with their birds and paid the price. Wanna do the
    right thing? Lose the man and find yourself a more reputable