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Re: my sun conure 7 months old and not talking .

Posted by Paula on 7/30/07
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    On 7/26/07, liz wrote:
    > hi my conure is 7 months old and still not talking. when
    > will my bird start talking and makeing sounds thanks.....

    Not to worry. I'm sure it's not something your doing or not
    doing. It is true, some parrots don't "mimic" very well
    while others sound just like us. I can't say your bird will
    mimic clearly but I would say it should try eventually.
    There's no set time schedule for a bird to mimic. Meanwhile,
    enjoy the other neat attributes of your sun. I do want to
    add, if you think your bird is way to lethargic, it might be
    a good idea to visit your local avian vet for a check up,
    just to be sure nothings amiss. Have a great day with your