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Re: Scab on head Head?

Posted by Jean on 8/09/07
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    It sounds like maybe something sticky wet may have gotten on
    her head and dried try wetting it and letting it sit a bit
    then gently rub off with a clean wash cloth or a couple of q-
    tips. If it doesn't come off then I would make an
    appointment so it can be checked.

    On 7/31/07, Heather & Skittailz wrote:
    > It's been a long time since I've been on this board, but I
    > do need some help if any can offer it. Skittailz has been
    > molting a lot, many of her feathers never come out of the
    > sheathing, so I help with that by giving her a bath and
    > then breaking the sheathing down w/ my finger nails. I
    > had noticed her feathers on her head were standing almsot
    > erect...I for the past week thought she was just in a bad
    > mood and fluffing up. I had not taken her out of her cage
    > for a few days (work, new puppy, etc), I just took her out
    > and she has this large white scabbything on her head. It
    > truly looks like a scab but it's 100&37; white. I tried
    > breaking it off as it's not attached to her scalp, but
    > rather her fethers. She got mad so I stopped. Does
    > anybody know what this could be...shoudl I be overly
    > concerned and run her to the vet or shoudl I just watch
    > it? She's eating normal, she has normal poops, everything
    > abou ther seems fine, she's active talks all the time
    > etc.