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Re: sun conure

Posted by Jose on 4/07/08
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    On 4/05/08, Mrs. jose wrote:
    > On 4/05/08, Jose wrote:
    >> On 4/05/08, Jose wrote:
    >>> On 4/04/08, Mrs. jose wrote:
    >>>> On 4/04/08, Jose wrote:
    >>>>> On 8/14/07, Dorian Gutierrez wrote:
    >>>>>> sun conure for sale male 6 monts
    >>>>>> $400 W/ cage 1815 5776816
    >>>>> Hi i will buy the sun conure for that price and do you ship
    >>>>> and accept cash and is the cage made out of metal?
    >>>> Dammit Jose quit bothering these good people trying to get a
    >>>> price lower. You have emailed everyone on these chatboards and
    >>>> classifieds, wasting their time, asking if they will lower the
    >>>> price and accept cash. Then they never hear from you again.
    >>>> BTW, how the heck are you going to get cash to a person that
    >>>> is accross the country? Go to a rescue and get a dog. Now go
    >>>> take yo meds.
    >>> Shut the hell up who the hell is talking to you anyways and
    >>> minde your own damn buisness friken retard and go take your
    >>> friken meds friken dumb
    >>> ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea and also I
    >> already have a dog you fiken dumb ass. and who the hell are you
    >> telling to go take meds i dont take meds probally you do
    >> retard!!!!!!!!!
    > Come on Jose, come on boy, come get your meds now. I'll give you a
    > double dose of meds and you chill out quicker. Now turn off the
    > computer, get in your cage and leave these good people alone. Its
    > time for your nap

    Why do you have to involve meds in everything your getting people
    tired talking about meds are you like in love with meds you crack hed
    your probally in rehabe arnt you?