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Re: my blue crowned conure

Posted by karen on 8/19/07
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    On 8/19/07, Marcos wrote:
    > his or her beak is like sick i look online and the other
    > birds beak do not look like this i cant explain it but it
    > looks like little pieces sre coming off ot cracking off in
    > different places i got him or her like this but now is
    > when i am worried ..... help !

    If this is beak & feather disease all of your birds are
    at great risk!!
    Take the sick bird to a different part of the house!!
    keep it away from the rest of the birds.
    Take it to a vet!!
    If it is beak & feather dis. all birds that this bird has
    come in contact with are at risk.

    If you are lucky it is a "beak molt" that I have seen on
    young conures. The bird is growing so fast the the old
    beak mat'l flakes off as the beak is growing.

    If his feathers look unhealthy you have a sick bird!