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Post: Poop Problem

Posted by jon on 8/19/07

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    I notice no one responded to a previous posting on a poop
    problem with conures. So I will submnit this and see if
    anyone has any ideas:

    Our Sun Conure loves being out of the cage - great - until
    he decided that he doesn't like to poop in his cage but
    anywhere else - especialy the kitchen table. I'm not sure
    but this seems to be related to his flight capabilties.

    When he first adopted this bird, he would poop outside of
    his cage but was afraid to explore anywhere else. On the
    advice of a vet, we let him grow his flight feathers so he
    could enjoy flying around the house - when he started
    pooping all over the house, we tried clipping his wings
    thinking this would help.

    Nope! Now he flies down to the floor and climbs on
    something else to poop on. I have tried keeping him in
    his cage and only bringing him out to play, but as soon as
    I get him out he POOPS!

    Arrrgghh! I don't know what to do about this. I can
    handle the loud incessant screaming, but, not both
    screaming and pooping everywhere. He is a great bird and
    I hate to keep him trapped in his cage - but I don;t know
    what to do???

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