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Re: Poop Problem

Posted by karen on 8/19/07
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    On 8/19/07, jon wrote:
    > I notice no one responded to a previous posting on a poop
    > problem with conures. So I will submnit this and see if
    > anyone has any ideas:
    > Our Sun Conure loves being out of the cage - great - until
    > he decided that he doesn't like to poop in his cage but
    > anywhere else - especialy the kitchen table. I'm not sure
    > but this seems to be related to his flight capabilties.
    > When he first adopted this bird, he would poop outside of
    > his cage but was afraid to explore anywhere else. On the
    > advice of a vet, we let him grow his flight feathers so he
    > could enjoy flying around the house - when he started
    > pooping all over the house, we tried clipping his wings
    > thinking this would help.
    > Nope! Now he flies down to the floor and climbs on
    > something else to poop on. I have tried keeping him in
    > his cage and only bringing him out to play, but as soon as
    > I get him out he POOPS!
    > Arrrgghh! I don't know what to do about this. I can
    > handle the loud incessant screaming, but, not both
    > screaming and pooping everywhere. He is a great bird and
    > I hate to keep him trapped in his cage - but I don;t know
    > what to do???

    You stated the solution your self.
    When you take him out he poops
    -this is normal
    When you take him out of his cage
    Take him to a poop station and say “poop”
    (Or whatever command you want him to poop to)
    When he does give reward
    (Say good boy, good boy & give treat)
    -go play
    Then take bird to poop station again 20 min later
    say “poop” & if/when he does give reward
    be patient this takes some time
    Train the bird that there is a ‘poop station”
    Keep taking him to it every 20 or 30 min
    & say poop when he does give reward, good boy & treat
    -A poop station is a perch with paper below it
    can have food, water & a toy a place to hang out & poop.
    Keep one near the cage & if you have a big house
    Have several poop stations.
    Do not punish for a misplace poop
    Just reward when he poops in the correct place
    Be consistent and patient
    small birds are going to poop often
    make it easy on every one, give him a place to do it.