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Re: Sun Conure biting

Posted by Cheryl on 9/23/07
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    On 9/23/07, Chery wrote:
    > On 9/23/07, Rocket Science wrote:
    >> On 9/23/07, Cheryl wrote:
    >>> On 9/22/07, Rocket Science wrote:
    >>>> On 9/22/07, Cheryl wrote:
    >>>>> My sun conure likes to bite strangers or anyone not living
    >>>>> in our house. She is very protective of us. How can we
    >>>>> get her to overcome this?
    >>>> Simple. Don't have people over. Problem solved.
    >>> If you don't have some real advice keep your remarks to
    >>> yourself. I have 13 grandchildren and we have 6 children with
    >>> spouses that visit often and would love to play with her but
    >>> can't. I need some real advice.
    >> Had you asked this question several years ago, my advice would
    >> have been to use proper birth control. It's a little late for
    >> that.
    >> and by the by, dear, this is a public forum where you are at the
    >> mercy of those that wish to comment on your posting, good, bad
    > or
    >> otherwise.
    >> If you haven't started menopause, I hope you'll consider getting
    >> your tubes tied.

    Well, Mr. Smarty pants, I didn't ask the questions several years ago
    because I am a first time bird owner and have only had this bird
    since May of 2007. And by the way, I had my tubes tied many years
    ago and am now 57 years old. If you have something constructive to
    say fine. If not just keep you mouth shut.