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Re: Sun Conure biting

Posted by Phyllis on 9/27/07
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    On 9/23/07, Cheryl wrote:
    > On 9/23/07, Rocket Science wrote:
    >> On 9/23/07, Cheryl wrote:
    >> If not just keep you mouth shut.
    >> Did I not make myself clear that you cannot control what people say on
    >> here? It's a public forum.
    >> Now run along. I'm sure there's a dirty diaper to change somewhere in
    >> your home.
    > Maybe you should check your own pants. Sounds like your the one with
    > the diaper. That's not Rocket Science that's called Stupid Science.
    > See ya!
    Cheryl, I am new to this forum too.I can not beleive some of the @#@#
    people say! For the life of me I don't understand why people feel the need
    to be soooooooooo rude! Yes this is a public forum, but when you are just
    looking for advised it is unnecessary.I guess some people just have to much
    time on there hands and feel like they have the right to be ass holes, but
    just be sure that it will come around and bite them in the ass when they
    need help someday.