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Re: Sun Conure biting

Posted by Cheryl on 9/27/07
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    On 9/27/07, Phyllis wrote:
    > On 9/23/07, Cheryl wrote:
    >> On 9/23/07, Rocket Science wrote:
    >>> On 9/23/07, Cheryl wrote:
    >>> If not just keep you mouth shut.
    >>> Did I not make myself clear that you cannot control what people say on
    >>> here? It's a public forum.
    >>> Now run along. I'm sure there's a dirty diaper to change somewhere in
    >>> your home.
    >> Maybe you should check your own pants. Sounds like your the one with
    >> the diaper. That's not Rocket Science that's called Stupid Science.
    >> See ya!
    > Cheryl, I am new to this forum too.I can not beleive some of the @#@#
    > people say! For the life of me I don't understand why people feel the need
    > to be soooooooooo rude! Yes this is a public forum, but when you are just
    > looking for advised it is unnecessary.I guess some people just have to
    > time on there hands and feel like they have the right to be ass holes, but
    > just be sure that it will come around and bite them in the ass when they
    > need help someday.

    Thanks, people like him only show their ignorance and I for one am glad I
    don't know him personally. He must not have many friends and doesn't know a
    damn thing about birds. He's not worth even reading his postings. Email me
    so we can chat about our birds.