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Re: Update on New Scared Blue Conure

Posted by Kathy on 9/29/07
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    Bobbie is doing much better. He is more approachable and
    loves to be petted. Bobbie loves sunflower seeds and
    pineapple and eating all this out of our hands. He is
    learning to step up but is still a little hesitant. He
    starts his squawking about 9:30 am and has been venturing out
    of his cage to explore. He is not biting and tolerates the
    other bird and the dog. I will keep you posted and thanks
    for the responses

    On 9/24/07, Kathy wrote:
    > Can someone give me advice on my new Blue Conure. I wanted
    > to purchase this parrot at a reputable breeder but my
    > husband wanted one at a local Pet store. The salesperson
    > had to throw a towel over the Conure to get him out of the
    > cage and my husband and I had to get to know him at the pet
    > store wrapped in a towel with nothing exposed but his
    > face. Everything that I have read would have said dont buy
    > this bird, find one that is approachable. But the life
    > saver husband I have wanted this bird. He and I are no
    > experts on parroting skills and we are entirely new to this
    > breed. Now I know I have him and he is my responsibility
    > for his lifetime and mine. I have only had Bobbie (the new
    > Conure)for 2 days. He has a new large cage...lots of toys
    > and play area, loving people that are ready to love him and
    > teach him. He is afraid of hands, I talk to him when I
    > approach him and when I try to touch him he flinches and
    > dunks like someone has hit him. He gets really scared and
    > my heart breaks for him. The good news is, he is not a
    > biter, he doesnt bite, just flinches and tries to move away
    > from me. You can not get him to come to you willingly
    > while he is in his cage, so we have him spend most of his
    > time on his top perch on the top of his cage. He is not
    > responding too well to the "up" command and I worry that I
    > will not establish trust with him. I am thinking becasue
    > of his size and color he is about a year old.....I dont
    > want to scare him or move too quickly on him. I want him to
    > feel safe and secure and bond with my husband and I.
    > Should I keep approaching him? Am I doing something wrong?
    > Should I leave him alone for awhile and let him approach me?
    > I really need help so Bobbie and myself can be a family.