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Post: Sun Conure that hates women

Posted by Grace on 10/01/07

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    I have a lovely little sun conure. Beautiful bird. And my
    first small bird. (I had too's when I was younger.) And am
    find smaller birds to be a frustrating experience. Though,
    I'm not giving up. (If you never had a too latch to your
    finger in fright, vs a conure who likes your blood,
    well...its an experience)

    Though, I'm at a should I go about doing this?
    He knows his basic commands, Step up, step down, etc. etc.
    and I have to use...of all oven mit to get him
    out of his cage. I try it slowly. And he steps up. No
    biting on the mit.

    I get him out, take him to a room where its just me and
    birdie. Feed him treats, and work with him for about 30
    minutes, then its cage time.

    In that time, he accepts my finger on the ground, waiting,
    and even comes when i say softly, come here and step up.
    And he comes running and jumps right up. Then looks so
    pleased with himself.

    It really is cute.

    Till my husband walks in unannounced and upsets the work
    session and he goes crazy and bites. (We did make break
    through today. Found out grapes are the way to this bird's
    heart. He actually bit my husband when my husband tried to
    take him while I was giving him the grape).

    I know this is going to be slow going. But it was
    something I did will all my agressive toos. Though...could
    someone with a little more sun conure experience give me a

    I just don't know if what you typically do for a larger
    bird, you do with a small bird....

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