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Re: New conure

Posted by Popcorn on 10/19/07
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    I'm afriad I can't help you there. First I'm just a bit far
    away. And also, having worked at an animal shelter, I know
    that we have a MAJOR pet over population problem. I'm
    actually shocked that someone from a bird rescue would suggest
    it to you. Though the pet bird overpopulation is not as well
    known as dogs and cats, it is still there and I will not add
    to it by allowing birds to mate. Also breeding is a major
    responsibility I don't have time for, with handraising and
    looking out for health problems, the finding homes for the new
    babies, and I'm sure that with a child and going to school,
    you understand that. I would suggest that if you do look into
    another bird, do it because you want another bird, not just as
    a companion bird. Sometimes a friend for your bird can be a
    good idea and sometimes it ends with you having two problem
    birds (the second bird picking up on the first one's
    problems). If you end up getting another bird of the same
    species, either keep them in separate cages (as friends, NOT
    mates) or DNA test your's and find one of the same gender.
    Otherwise, a bird of different species can often be just as
    good. Though they definatly have to be kept in separate
    cages. Also, I know initial cost is expensive, but if you
    can't afford that, how are you going to care for another bird
    in the long run? Food and vet bills add up.
    If you still want to look into another bird, know that
    petstores over price animals, and get them from questionable
    sources. A breeder is usually cheeper and you will know more
    about the bird going into it. Just make sure that it's a
    reputable breeder. Otherwise a rescue is another option.
    Either search for them in your area or go to and
    search there. There are many homeless birds, who could use a
    good home.
    Sorry I can't help you other than that. Just make sure to do
    plenty of research before settling on anything.