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Post: Biting Blue Crown Conure

Posted by Melody on 11/08/07

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    I need some help. I bought an 8 yr old BCC last week at the
    bird store. He has issues and I felt so sorry for him I just
    had to buy him. His name is Tommy and his original owner
    died that owner's sister took Tommy and didn't care for him
    properly and her daughters were allowed to torment him.
    Because of the stress he started plucking so now he is
    almost half bald. And he BITES!!!!! I really do love him and
    want to help him but I need help how do I get him to trust
    me. I can be holding him and for no apparent reason to me he
    will start gnawing on my hand. Last night he drew blood
    OUCH! Anybody have any tips out there?

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