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Re: Biting Blue Crown Conure

Posted by Ashlee on 12/01/07
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    Your bird is most likely biting for fear that you will
    torment him as well. I run a bird sanctuary and constantly
    have people giving their birds up because they bite. Don't
    loose hope in your bird. As a new bird in a new environment
    he is scared. Give him a while to calm down. Say 2 weeks of
    you not trying to jab your hand under him to get him to step
    up. Just feed him, water him, and talk to him. Don't try to
    touch him. When he seems to accept you more, aka, not doing
    the "conure scream" move to feeding him fresh fruit and
    veggies as treats, from your hand, but keep your distance,
    he may still try to strike towards you. But patience is a
    big thing. When he starts taking treats willingly, and
    actually coming to meet you at the cage door when you come
    near, moving to putting your hand near him, if he strikes,
    GENTLY say no. Yelling ow is actually an excitement for

    Most of all, don't give up hope, and be very patient, we
    have abused birds that come in all the time, and sometimes
    it takes years for them to trust humans again, but for some
    it doesn't. Birds are alot like humans. They think
    differently, but eventually, they will warm up to a person
    who is good to them. I hope this helps you.