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Re: baby conure

Posted by Kathy on 11/25/07
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    On 11/25/07, karen wrote:
    > On 11/25/07, Kathy wrote:
    >> I own 2 conure's (part green cheek and part sun)and they
    >> had a baby about a month and 1/2 ago. i have been hand
    >> feeding it for about 2 weeks now. my question is when do i
    >> start introducing it to seed and what kind,and how do i
    >> get it to start eating the seed instead of the baby bird
    >> formula.
    >> thank you to anyone who can help
    >> Kathy
    > ??Why seed??
    > please consider purchasing good quality pellets
    > get them wet and had feed the soft pellets
    > Then a little sweet potato, cooked beans, steamed & raw veg
    > etc. nuts & seeds are for training, not a healthy diet

    Thank You so much. i just assuned seed because that is a major
    part of the parents diet (along with fresh fruit and veggies)
    but i just thought that is what i started the baby on. again
    thank you soooo much im sure ill be back with more