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Re: seed to pellets

Posted by karen on 12/10/07
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    >> thank you this place has already been very helpfull...going to
    >> pellets tonight...again thank you

    I found this on bird lovers only refuge page
    I have not tried this but she finds homes for a lot of "unwanted" birds

    I am finding it necessary to share a very successful method of
    converting your bird from a seed diet to pellets. Months ago Dr. Karen
    Becker suggested we use "Harrison's High Potency Mash" which is a
    powdered form of the pellets that they sell. When we receive a new
    rescue bird that has been on a 100% seed diet, we begin converting by
    sprinkling a generous layer of the Harrison's High Potency Mash over
    the seeds. The next day we introduce some pellets into the seed mix
    (about 80% seed to 20% pellet) and continue to sprinkle the Harrison's
    Mash over this. We continue adjusting the ratio of seed to pellet (75%
    seed to 25% pellet; 50% seed to 50% pellet; 40% seed to 60% pellet;
    25% seed to 75% pellet; 10% seed to 90% pellet) until you get to 100%
    pellet. Each day you continue to sprinkle the Harrison's mash over the
    mixtures. Even after you have converted over to 100% pellet, continue
    sprinkling the mash over the pellets for a few days. Each day sprinkle
    a lighter layer over the pellets so that by the end of the week on
    100% pellets, you won't need be sprinkling anymore of the high potency
    mash over it. We had tried several methods in the past of converting
    from seed to pellet. Those methods ranged from taking months to
    convert to no success at all. Although we have only been using the
    Harrison's High Potency Mash method for only four months, we have been
    able to convert with a 100% success rate within about a week or two at

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