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Re: Turquise Green Cheek Conure for sale

Posted by Stacey MacKenzie on 1/07/08
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    On 12/04/07, Joe Droessler wrote:
    > Hi: I have a tame 8 month old female Green Cheek Conure -
    > Turquoise mutation for sale for $350. Joe this is EXACTLY
    the bird I have been looking for! I would LOVE to buy her! I
    have a male Turqoise and he is SO lonesome! Please e-mail me!
    I live in Kenai, Alaska (yes, we have heat,full spectrum
    lights, space heaters, ionic breeze filters, play gyms, cook
    our own food and have an avian vet up here. And have happy,
    healthy birds!

    Hoping to hear from you!