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Re: Turquise Green Cheek Conure for sale

Posted by Joe Droessler - Wesminster, CA on 1/08/08
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    Hi Stacy:

    Sorry I sold her last month. Good luck in your search.


    On 1/07/08, Stacey MacKenzie wrote:
    > On 12/04/07, Joe Droessler wrote:
    >> Hi: I have a tame 8 month old female Green Cheek Conure -
    >> Turquoise mutation for sale for $350. Joe this is EXACTLY
    > the bird I have been looking for! I would LOVE to buy her! I
    > have a male Turqoise and he is SO lonesome! Please e-mail me!
    > I live in Kenai, Alaska (yes, we have heat,full spectrum
    > lights, space heaters, ionic breeze filters, play gyms, cook
    > our own food and have an avian vet up here. And have happy,
    > healthy birds!
    > Hoping to hear from you!
    > Stacey