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Re: proposed law in Pennsylvania!!!!!

Posted by Nascent Systems on 2/06/08
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    Well a lot of People attended the meeting, the ruling was
    not Passed!

    On 1/18/08, Laura wrote:
    > 08.pdf (scroll to G 137.1
    > WIll make it ILLEGAL to own or sell Nanday Conures in
    > Pennsylvania! Please write and tell them NO WAY!
    > It reads:
    > G. Amend 58 Pa. Code, §137.1.
    > Commentary: Currently, §137.1 requires a person importing
    > lawfully acquired wildlife,
    > or parts thereof, for menagerie, educational or scientific
    > purposes to
    > obtain an importation permit, but does not require an
    > importation permit
    > for exotic wildlife dealer or exotic wildlife possession
    > permit holders. In
    > an effort to create consistency in the regulations and
    > increase the
    > Commission’s capabilities to address wildlife
    > epidemiological concerns,
    > the Commission is proposing to amend §137.1 (relating to
    > importation,
    > sale and release of certain wildlife) to specifically
    > require propagation,
    > exotic wildlife dealer and exotic wildlife possession
    > permit holders to
    > acquire an importation permit prior to importing any
    > wildlife into this
    > Commonwealth. The Commission is also proposing to amend
    > §137.1 to
    > prohibit the importation, possession, sale and release of
    > all non-human
    > primates and the Conure-Nanday, sometimes referred to as
    > the Blackhooded
    > Parakeet, in response to human health/safety and wildlife
    > habitat
    > health purposes.