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Re: regurgitating & plucked feathers

Posted by Connie on 1/29/08
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    Have a DNA sample of your bird's blood and have him checked
    for PBFD. It's a virus that is airborne and affects the
    immunity system of your bird. It commonly known as Beak &
    Feather Disease. It's contagious and the only way to check
    is through a blood sample. There is no cure but start giving
    him some vitamins A drops on his food and in his water until
    you can have him tested. I'm not trying to scare you but
    this can be true.

    On 1/26/08, Mango's Mom wrote:
    > My husband was home sick this last week and would take
    > out during the day for long periods of time. Mango's usual
    > schedule would be out in the evenings after dinner. Mango
    > has regurgitated on my husband, displayed sexual behavior,
    > and has plucked all the feathers off the chest area - is
    > this normal? We just had Mango to the vets a couple of
    > weeks ago and health was great then. I can't find anything
    > on Green Cheek Conure behavior as far as the things I
    > above - any one know if this is "normal" behavior?
    > Thanks,
    > Mango's Mom