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Re: regurgitating & plucked feathers

Posted by Mango's Mom on 1/31/08
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    On 1/29/08, Connie wrote:
    > Have a DNA sample of your bird's blood and have him checked
    > for PBFD.
    Hi Connie,
    Mango is at the vet's, undergoing several tests. The vet said
    there could be several reasons, one being hormonal changes. The
    one test did show that Mango's stats are fine - the basics.
    They are going to do lab tests on skin samples to rule out
    bacterial skin infections and also on some of his feathers for
    something else. What's been so puzzling is that Mango has still
    been eating and singing as he usually does - a little cranky
    when taken out of the cage, but otherwise eating and singing.
    We're also having the sexing blood test done so we'll officially
    know if we have a he or she. Thanks for the heads up! Will let
    you all know what the vet ends up finding out.
    Mango's Mom