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Re: regurgitating & plucked feathers

Posted by Connie on 2/02/08
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    I had a little Australian Red Rump. His name was Franky and he
    was my baby and he went thruogh the same symptoms. I had a fecal
    done, as the usual preventative because of my other birds before
    I put him in the same room, and it was negative. They all have
    separate cages but in my bird-room. But then, I started noticing
    the feathers looked bla-zay, coming out and not growing in
    and... his talons were growing at an excessive rate. I took him
    to the vet and the vet notices things that would usually go
    unnoticed, like small red abrasions under his feathers and he
    told me about PBFD. A DNA was done and he tested positive.
    Everytime I touched him, it hurt him and I didn't know because
    when he was on his perch, he sang and was a joy. It's just that
    his little feathers itched him when I touched him and I didn't
    know. He passed away the day before his 1st birthday. I had him
    cremated and he's still with me here but he's flying happy now
    and free. It hurts but life goes on. Next, I tested all of my
    birds (because the virus is airborn and uncurable if
    transmitted) and all but 1 tested positive. Included in that was
    my heart & soul (so to speak) Sunny (my Jenday Conure, the apple
    of my eye.) Right now, I have vitamin A drops in their water and
    food and will redo the test in a month to see how they're
    progressing. PBFD does not mess around. It is , in most cases
    fatal, depending on the bird's immune system. Vitamin A helps
    their immunity. Good luck to both of us and I pray that Mango
    tests negative. Connie

    On 1/31/08, Mango's Mom wrote:
    > On 1/29/08, Connie wrote:
    >> Have a DNA sample of your bird's blood and have him checked
    >> for PBFD.
    > Hi Connie,
    > Mango is at the vet's, undergoing several tests. The vet said
    > there could be several reasons, one being hormonal changes.
    > one test did show that Mango's stats are fine - the basics.
    > They are going to do lab tests on skin samples to rule out
    > bacterial skin infections and also on some of his feathers for
    > something else. What's been so puzzling is that Mango has
    > been eating and singing as he usually does - a little cranky
    > when taken out of the cage, but otherwise eating and singing.
    > We're also having the sexing blood test done so we'll
    > know if we have a he or she. Thanks for the heads up! Will
    > you all know what the vet ends up finding out.
    > Mango's Mom