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Re: Sun Conure eggs

Posted by Sean on 2/26/08
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    Thank You Connie, I appreciate that. Also might I ask if with
    this being her 1st clutch, and I believe the pair are only
    18-21 months give or take a month or 2? Do you think it is
    likely the 1st 3 she laid will be fertile? They are both about
    the same age. They may even be from the same breeder and the
    same clutch, but I am not certain of that. And in your
    experience, do you think it would be better for the parents to
    rear the babies or should I do it once they hatch. I also
    heard if you take the eggs away before they hatch she might
    just lay new ones. Is that true, and will they be fertile if
    she did. I do know she needs calcium during that time too,
    anything else you would like to share is much appreciated.
    Thank You Again,

    On 2/25/08, Connie wrote:
    > Usually about 28 days, give or take a day. You'll notice
    > that they lay them about every other day and that's how they
    > will hatch too.
    > On 2/24/08, Sean Starling wrote:
    >> How long does it take for Sun Conure eggs to hatch after
    >> being laid

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