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Re: Sun Conure eggs

Posted by Connie on 2/27/08
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    Hiya Sean,
    Usually, with Suns & Jendays, maturity is from 2&1/2 to 3
    years old, although not all pairs or birds are the same. Some
    mature sooner than others. I'm just going on a general scale.
    It's kind of hard to say but chances are that the first few
    clutches even could be infurtile. Get some wheat germ oil at
    your pet store and go by the directions (usually 2-3 drops per
    ounce) and mix it in their food. This will help to keep her from
    becoming eggbound (which usually doesn't happen but can,
    especially if they're young or not ready). Keep a flavored
    calcium perch (mine prefer strawberry) in the cage at all times
    so she can get all of the calcium she needs. When she goes to
    eating away on it (in the future), you'll know that she's gonna
    be laying soon. You can also get some vitamins to put in their
    water & food and this will insure the babies balanced diet. When
    and if the eggs hatch, let nature take its course and let het
    sit on them, feed them and only peep in to check up on them.
    Mine always lay 3 to a clutch. I usually take them anywhere from
    10 days to 2 weeks. In the wild, if the mother can't regurgitate
    enough food for her 3 babies, she will kill off 2 to save 1 to
    feed. So, the older and bigger they get, the harder it will be
    for her to feed them all. So, like I said, 10 days to 2 weeks,
    depending on how big they get. Just keep an eye on them. At this
    point, if you even get a baby, as young as they are, consider it
    a blessing. Chances are that the first few clutches will be
    infurtile. Also... between clutches, screen up the nesting box
    to deter them from mating so soon or she will be too weak to
    have them. It will deplete all of her strength and she will need
    to build up her vitamins and strength again. Do not take an
    unhatched egg from her or she will just keep having them and
    this will overtire her and she could die. Let het have her eggs.
    She will realize on her own if they are not furtile. I know that
    I've written a scrambled book but you can write me anytime and I
    will try and assist... That's it for now..... Connie

    On 2/26/08, Sean wrote:
    > Thank You Connie, I appreciate that. Also might I ask if with
    > this being her 1st clutch, and I believe the pair are only
    > 18-21 months give or take a month or 2? Do you think it is
    > likely the 1st 3 she laid will be fertile? They are both about
    > the same age. They may even be from the same breeder and the
    > same clutch, but I am not certain of that. And in your
    > experience, do you think it would be better for the parents to
    > rear the babies or should I do it once they hatch. I also
    > heard if you take the eggs away before they hatch she might
    > just lay new ones. Is that true, and will they be fertile if
    > she did. I do know she needs calcium during that time too,
    > anything else you would like to share is much appreciated.
    > Thank You Again,
    > Sean
    > On 2/25/08, Connie wrote:
    >> Usually about 28 days, give or take a day. You'll notice
    >> that they lay them about every other day and that's how they
    >> will hatch too.
    >> On 2/24/08, Sean Starling wrote:
    >>> How long does it take for Sun Conure eggs to hatch after
    >>> being laid