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Re: Nanday conure... is it to late for it? please help

Posted by karen on 3/21/08
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    On 3/21/08, robyn wrote:
    > We have an opportunity to get a nanday conure from the
    > animal shelter. We do not know the circumstances around
    > bird, but they tell me that when you try to get near the
    > cage, it freaks and smashes into the bars. We are looking
    > for a friend for our peach front, and it really doesn't
    > to be very handleable... we are just wondering if anyone
    > experience with getting these birds "back" or do you think
    > it is "too far gone". We had an amazon that was suppose to
    > be extremely mean, and she ended up mostly handleable (on
    > her terms) but not at all as aggressive as they said. It
    > just took some time. Thanks for any help you conure owners
    > can give me.

    Nandy - If you can stand the noise, go for it.
    Remember most nandys are LOUD! This one will be untill the
    fear level goes down.
    put its cage against a wall or corner, in a quiet area for
    the first 30 days & check with a vet.
    if it is too wild you may have to drape a dark blanket on
    the top & 3 sides of the cage to calm it. have lots of
    hanging toys in the cage for it to "hide" in, that will help.
    for the first 30 days do not push, give it a mix of food,
    fresh water and time to calm down, then see how it goes.
    Do not push the little guy, become friends on his terms
    good luck