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Re: Can my Green Cheek.....

Posted by Heather & Skittailz on 5/13/08
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    Hello Birdmom - Outside we have a fully screened
    skeeters, wasps, not even a lizard! We will occasionally have
    one fly inside the house through the front door when I'm
    walking my Skittailz is actually less likely to be
    bit outside vs indoors where we do have the little shi*'s
    flying occasionally....but once I see one it's life is short
    lived! ;)

    On 4/19/08, Birdmom wrote:
    > My main concern with doing this (I sometimes take mine only
    > for short walks in a travel carrier) is what about getting
    > bit by a mosquito? Those little sh*ts spread so much
    > disease to wild birds. What about getting harrassed or bit
    > by hornets, wasps, flys, etc?? I would not subject your
    > bird to this. JMHO
    > On 4/13/08, Heather & Skittailz wrote:
    >> Hello, it's been a LONG LONG time since I've been on the
    >> board, but I have a general question and cannot seem to
    >> find much help on the web or in my bird books.
    >> My Green Cheek Conure, Skittailz, is now about 5 years
    >> old. We live in Northern Florida and the weather is
    >> starting to get really nice. Skittailz is in a large cage
    >> (the size used for an African Grey). I'd like to put her
    >> outside on our covered patio (it's 10 feet by 8 feet). She
    >> would not be subject to the sun or any harsh elements like
    >> rain, etc...she would be fully covred as our roof line
    >> extends about 10 feet further and then we have a deck
    >> extension where we BBQ, have our jacuzzi, etc. I just
    >> thought maybe she'd like to be outside whre she can smell
    >> the fresh air, talk with the other birds and chat with the
    >> golfers as they stroll by.
    >> I know parrots live outside in the wild, but Skittailz has
    >> been indoors most of her life and I was curious if it
    >> would be hard on her to transition to being an outside
    >> bird. We do get some cold temperatures, maybe 5 - 10 days
    >> a year where it will drop below 32 degrees. She has a
    >> little tent that she sleeps in to stay warm and I have a
    >> large cage cover.
    >> Thanks in advanced!