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Re: Feather disease question

Posted by Birdmom on 4/18/08
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    On 4/17/08, Andrea wrote:
    I believe these are called stress bars. There was at one time
    a great picture of this in Google images, but now I can't find
    it. I have a Black Cap Conure. I put him through hell a
    couple years ago because I had been feeding him WAY too many
    sunflower seeds and it caused fatty liver disease. He has
    recovered, but has always battled stress/nutritional
    problems. The thing is so active that he burns off all his
    calories. I now feed him an endless bowl of pasta, veggies,
    beans, birdie breads, etc and he has started to gain some
    grams. I also talked to a nutritionist at KayTee and she felt
    that he simply was under-nourished, which how could he be if
    he was on (KayTee) extruded pellets???? But do some research
    on stress bars and see if you can find anything. I don't
    think there is a definitive answer for this condition, other
    than to make their life comfortable and provide the best
    nutrition possible. Black Caps are hyper hyper, but I really
    don't know much about the personality of Green Cheeks. My
    Ollie thinks HE is the alpha male around here, and so does my
    husband. So when these 2 end up in the same room, Ollie is
    hissing and strutting and displaying and I am sure his blood
    pressure is off the charts. I just have been trying
    to "manage" his condition. He's 8. If anyone has some advice
    or experience with stress bars, please respond.

    > On 4/17/08, Andrea wrote:

    >> Hi everyone, I have a question. I have a green-cheeked
    >> conure, 17 years old, named Baby. Since December he's
    >> been developing some black spots on his feathers followed
    >> by breakage of those same feathers. I've been taking him
    >> to the vet every other week for the last 4 months, and
    >> they don't seem to understand what's causing it. No lice
    >> or mites, but they treated him anyway. He's been given a
    >> run of antibiotics. He has a healthy and diverse diet,
    >> but now the breakage and black spots are spreading. It
    >> first started on his right wing, and now it's spread to
    >> both. I don't know what to do.
    >> His eating and playing habits don't seem to have changed
    >> at all, though he's begun flapping his wings for no
    >> apparent reason. Any ideas would be helpful and greatly
    >> appreciated. Thank you.
    > I also thought I should add that Baby is an only child. He
    > does not come into contact with other birds, as he is not
    > friendly.