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Re: Feather disease question

Posted by Connie on 4/19/08
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    I would be more inclined to agree with Andrea. I had a bird that
    had Beak & Feather Disease (PBFD) and if born with it, they will
    be missing tails usually. If contracted thru the air (it being
    an airborne and contagious disease), you will see that their
    talons will grow at an excessive rate and they will almost form
    a circle, they will be so long. Also, their feathers will fall
    out and the new ones will either grow in really slow and ragged
    looking or they won't come back at all. Also, they will itch
    badly and constantly be preening and scratching. Your bird does
    not seem to have these symptoms. I think that Andrea would be
    right and you should definately ask the vet bout it. Good luck
    and God bless... Connie

    On 4/18/08, Birdmom wrote:
    > On 4/17/08, Andrea wrote:
    > Hi,
    > I believe these are called stress bars. There was at one time
    > a great picture of this in Google images, but now I can't find
    > it. I have a Black Cap Conure. I put him through hell a
    > couple years ago because I had been feeding him WAY too many
    > sunflower seeds and it caused fatty liver disease. He has
    > recovered, but has always battled stress/nutritional
    > problems. The thing is so active that he burns off all his
    > calories. I now feed him an endless bowl of pasta, veggies,
    > beans, birdie breads, etc and he has started to gain some
    > grams. I also talked to a nutritionist at KayTee and she felt
    > that he simply was under-nourished, which how could he be if
    > he was on (KayTee) extruded pellets???? But do some research
    > on stress bars and see if you can find anything. I don't
    > think there is a definitive answer for this condition, other
    > than to make their life comfortable and provide the best
    > nutrition possible. Black Caps are hyper hyper, but I really
    > don't know much about the personality of Green Cheeks. My
    > Ollie thinks HE is the alpha male around here, and so does my
    > husband. So when these 2 end up in the same room, Ollie is
    > hissing and strutting and displaying and I am sure his blood
    > pressure is off the charts. I just have been trying
    > to "manage" his condition. He's 8. If anyone has some advice
    > or experience with stress bars, please respond.
    >> On 4/17/08, Andrea wrote:
    >>> Hi everyone, I have a question. I have a green-cheeked
    >>> conure, 17 years old, named Baby. Since December he's
    >>> been developing some black spots on his feathers followed
    >>> by breakage of those same feathers. I've been taking him
    >>> to the vet every other week for the last 4 months, and
    >>> they don't seem to understand what's causing it. No lice
    >>> or mites, but they treated him anyway. He's been given a
    >>> run of antibiotics. He has a healthy and diverse diet,
    >>> but now the breakage and black spots are spreading. It
    >>> first started on his right wing, and now it's spread to
    >>> both. I don't know what to do.
    >>> His eating and playing habits don't seem to have changed
    >>> at all, though he's begun flapping his wings for no
    >>> apparent reason. Any ideas would be helpful and greatly
    >>> appreciated. Thank you.
    >> I also thought I should add that Baby is an only child. He
    >> does not come into contact with other birds, as he is not
    >> friendly.