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Re: Feather disease question

Posted by Rose on 4/24/08
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    >> I definately encourage you to see an Avian vet ( just to be
    >> safe ). Because reg vets rarely have experiance in treating
    >> birds ( other than nail & wing clippings & minor beak work ).
    >> No telling what you've already paid this vet & for what? I
    >> know that Avian vets are sometimes hard to find ( mine is a
    >> 100 mile drive one way ) & more expensive. But birds are
    >> harder to treat, esp. since they hide their signs of illness
    >> usually till it's really bad or even too late to do much for
    >> them.

    The above can't be said enough times. Regular vets are not
    qualified to treat birds. Don't wait. They can go downhill really
    fast. As to stress bars, my bird had them once (according to my
    avian vet) and they were white lines across their feathers a couple
    millimeters apart, not black spots.