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Re: Owning a bird (Parot, Conure)

Posted by Connie on 4/27/08
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    Hi Carl,
    I know oodles of people who have birds and work. I would not
    put the conure next to the tv because it's not healthy for them
    but.. I would turn it on so it'll hear faint noise in the
    background and think someone is there. Also, don't overload the
    cage with too many toys. Buy a few chew toys and only put say 3
    in there. The next day or 2, take those out and put in 3
    different ones. This way, it doesn't get bored with the toys and
    by rotating them, it will think they're all new again. As far as
    buying a bird, most of us will agree that buying a hand fed baby
    from a breeder is alot better for you & the bird, They are
    sweeter and aren't handled so much like the ones in the pet
    stores. Believe it or not, all of my birds picked me. I didn't
    pick them. They will cuddle up to you whereas some will not want
    anything to do with you. But, as a general rule, most hand fed
    babies are better and the 2 of you can grow together. If you
    want to email me, np... I hope this
    helps.... Later, Connie

    On 4/26/08, Carl wrote:
    > Dear Connie;
    > Thank you so much for all the info. I was kinda sad that
    > seemed I was ineligible as a prospective owner. I know I could
    > shower the little sweetheart with love and affection, but I
    > thought it wouldn't be enough. I know I would look forward to
    > hanging out with him/her from the minute I got home. We could
    > share a bite to eat. Talk and cuddle, I'd give it a shower and
    > keep it my lap till it dried.
    > So in your expert opinion, attention on my days off, and
    > the evenings after work could work out, as long as I begin the
    > caring in that fashion?
    > I'm so excited. So you say I should start with a young
    > bird to make sure I don't cause any psychological
    > Get him/her use to the amount of time and attention that I'm
    > capable of providing. Possibly I may need to provide it with a
    > friend! And things could/should work out for us?? :)
    > With great gratitude, All the best...
    > Carl
    > Now I just have to find a bird!!
    > On 4/26/08, Connie wrote:
    >> Hi Carl,
    >> I breed Jenday Conures and have had a pet Jenday for
    >> years now. They are so simular to the Sun Conure. They can
    >> amuse themselves just fine if they are not spoiled too
    >> rotten. They love to chew. They chew on anything that they
    >> can get their little mouths on. I hang a coconut head with
    >> the small corn cobs on it and she will perch on it and chew
    >> on it at the same time. Braided bamboo is another good thing
    >> that they like. They aren't into shiny things as much as
    >> they are chewers. Your conure is gonna be lonely and loud
    >> for a bit when you get home from work to let you know that
    >> he/she missed you, are glad to see you and all of that.
    >> He/She will also get very protective of you with spending
    >> more time with them. When my Jenday was 3 months old, I got
    >> her a friend, a Blue Quaker and bought the exact same style
    >> cage and put it next to my Jenday's and they became very
    >> close but still kept that loving bond with me because they
    >> had their own cage. Never put 2 birds in together in the
    >> same cage unless you are breeding or unless you want them to
    >> turn to each other and leave you alone, because that's what
    >> will happen. Keep them in separate cages. I put on my poopie
    >> shirt and put them on each shoulder and talk to both of them
    >> and then they play on the same stand for a bit. But then,
    >> they go bagk to their individual cages that are side by
    >> side. Try to let your conure adjust to your life style and
    >> be patient with the noise he/she makes when you come home.
    >> He/she just wants to see you and have missed you all day.
    >> Spend some time with he/she and show it that you love it and
    >> try that. If after all of this, if they're not happy and you
    >> will be able to tell... you can always get it another
    >> playmate, like I did. I am very proud to say that I spend
    >> alot of time with my birds and my Blue Quaker and my Jenday
    >> Conure & I are so happy. I even have mine potty trained.
    >> Sorry for the rambling but I get so excited with my
    >> birds..... Connie
    >> On 4/25/08, Carl wrote:
    >>> Hello everyone;
    >>> I am very interested in becoming an owner, and
    >>> recipient of the wonderful affection of a Sun Conure. But
    >> I
    >>> am concerned by what I read with regard to the amount of
    >>> time and attention required by the creature. I live alone
    >>> and naturally I am employed full time. " Does this make me
    >>> a poor candidate for becoming an owner? " I am not
    >> selfish,
    >>> and would not try to reinvent the necessities required in
    >>> ownership! Perhaps a different species would or should be
    >>> considered?
    >>> I thank you for your time, and input, in this dilemma...
    >>> Cordially,
    >>> Carl