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Post: Green Cheek Conure Maturing?

Posted by JKCASWELL on 5/05/08

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    My sister has a Green Cheek, which as of April 4, turned
    one year old. We are not sure of his sex, but call him a
    he. He was only 4 weeks old when she bought him at the
    local Petco. From the day he came home, he was the
    sweetest happiest loveable little guy in the world, always
    wanted to be held, never ever bit. Even when he went
    through his first heavy molt about 2 months ago, he was
    never grouchy. All of a sudden, within the last week, he
    has turned into a monster. He bites hard and he screeches,
    non stop. He will step right up on you, then bite
    viciously. There has been no changes in his environment,
    activities or his diet. I have Macaw's and know nothing
    about Conure's, but am wondering if he is just coming of
    age? I told my sister that I think that is what is
    happening, but it is only a guess. Any ideas would be
    appreciated. He is my 3 year old daughters best buddy, and
    she is the only person he is not trying to eat at this
    point, he wants to hang out on her all day.

    Thanks for listening


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