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Re: breeding age

Posted by Connie on 6/03/08
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    Laura, If your Sun Conure is 5 years old, she's plenty old
    enough to breed. If she's laying infurtile eggs, you will
    need to make sure that she has a calcium perch or block as
    it is essential for her now, whether she has a male or not.
    Calcium will keep her from depleting her calcium level. She
    may need other vitamins or a better diet as well. Make sure
    that she stays healty and remember if you do breed her,
    there's a lot more to it than you think... Connie

    On 5/30/08, laura brown wrote:
    > i am the proud new owner of my "sunshine" shes a five year
    > old sun conure and i was told that she had lain eggs
    > already but there was no male around so it did not hatch
    > of corse so i was wondering "does that mean shes ready to
    > mate?" and if so how would i find out about a male for
    > mating? for my bird of corse!! hahaha jeust joking!! by
    > the way she acts with my hand i think she might be ready
    > i've owned two owls before and a skunk and every kind of
    > farm animal but never a parrot and i want to make sure i
    > make everything just perfect for my little "sunshine thanks