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Re: conure eggs

Posted by Connie on 6/03/08
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    If your bird is laying eggs, he is definately a she, don't
    cha think?!! No, don't take the egg away. Let her tend it.
    Don't be surprised if she has another egg or two, usually a
    day or 2 apart. Let her keep them, they are infurtile
    anyway, if no male has been in there with her. If you take
    them away, she will just have more and more and then she
    will be unhealthy. By the way, make sure she has a calcium
    perch or block and a healthy diet to maintain her strength.

    On 6/01/08, Anne wrote:
    > Our male (haha) conure--3 yrs. has laid an egg help we
    > don't know what to do should we take it away??? he is the
    > only 1 in the cage