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Post: Sun Conures matting

Posted by Tammy Steiblin on 6/19/08

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    I adopted 2 Sun Conures Last weekend from 2 diff. homes.
    Well, They said the one was a Female because it had a
    Breedeing box in her cage. But the other was not sure of
    the sex. Well, I adopted them both and put them in A huge
    cage together. How do they Mate?? I think they were
    matting the other day in the open in the cage. I read up
    on things and the signs were there like male banging beak
    on Perch and then fight for a second and then looked like
    matting and now they are beside each other 24/7. Can
    anyone give me any ideas if this sounds like mating to you?
    thanks for your time!

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