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Re: What signs to look for about Sun Conures Mating

Posted by Tammy on 6/23/08
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    On 6/22/08, Tammy wrote:
    > Hello,
    > I adopted 2 Sun Conures Last weekend. Both came from 2
    > Diff Homes. I was told that Pebbles is a Female. Because
    > she has layed eggs before. And for Harley they said not
    > sure what the sex is. Well, I bought a Huge cage and put
    > them both inside the cage together. A couple days after
    > they started to be Very Close meaning will not even leave
    > each others side for a second. LOL! Then, Harley started
    > to Bang his beak on the Perch and cage in front of Pebbles
    > Then started to fight for 1 second and then it looked like
    > they had it going on. Side to Side. Is that how they mate?
    > And if so, How long till she will lay her eggs? Does it
    > sound like Harley is a Male? Or do Birds the Same sex Get
    > Close to each other if they dont have a Male to Mate with?
    > Any Answers would be GREAT! Thanks for your time!
    I did not Throw them both in the cage in the first day. And
    I dont Care what Sex they are. I am not looking to Breed. I
    also Have a Cockatoo and for that Matter I would just get a
    Female for him and make alot more money on Baby Cockatoos
    then Conures. So, That is not the reason why I got them. And
    they do not fight. They are beside each other All day long
    Day & Night. That one time the did fight for 1 second I read
    on a website saying that is a Mating sign that a Male does.
    I also have cockatials and They dont fight and all 4 of them
    are in the Cage together Large Cage and I have NO clue what
    sex they are. And they do not fight. The Sun Conures Clean
    each others feathers thru the day. You might be not like
    people breeding bird And I understand that but I am not a