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Re: going vacation and leaving bird alone

Posted by Connie on 7/02/08
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    I would not leave my Jenday alone. I usually take her with
    me. If I were you, I'd have her taken in by another birdmom
    who knows it, if you're lucky enough to know some. Maybe
    have it boarded, but that even seems cruel to me. I just
    don't have the heart to leave mine that long and would worry
    the whole time I'd be gone. Just couldn't do it. Good luck
    to you. Connie

    On 7/02/08, Eleonora wrote:
    > Hi,
    > does anybody has an expirience of leaving bird alone?
    > is it possible at all?
    > I always ask somebody to come daily to my jenday,
    > but recently I heard that it is not nessesary, that
    > some people just leave food and water, and leave for
    > a week.
    > I have this problem every summer when I'm going places,
    > and I have hard time to find someone to look after my
    > conure. Any suggestions?