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Re: going vacation and leaving bird alone

Posted by Birdmom on 7/04/08
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    Eleonora -

    Just go back to your original idea - have someone check on
    your bird once a day to freshen their water and food. My
    gosh, of course you can leave your bird alone. It just
    needs to have food and water and maybe a cleaning and maybe
    some fresh food. Take a family vacation together and find a
    reliable friend.

    On 7/02/08, Eleonora wrote:
    > Hi,
    > does anybody has an expirience of leaving bird alone?
    > is it possible at all?
    > I always ask somebody to come daily to my jenday,
    > but recently I heard that it is not nessesary, that
    > some people just leave food and water, and leave for
    > a week.
    > I have this problem every summer when I'm going places,
    > and I have hard time to find someone to look after my
    > conure. Any suggestions?