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Re: Jenday Conure

Posted by Connie on 7/30/08
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    Hi Shiela... I breed, raise and love Jendays. I would like
    to think that I know alittle something about them. I would
    do one of 2 things: 1)Take him to a vet that knows birds and
    and have his skin scraped and tested for PBFD or another
    problem that may be there. 2)While at the vet (or if you
    can't find one), go to and have them send
    you a free kit to do a blood sample for diseases and then
    send back blood samples to the address they give you (in
    Tallahassee) for disease testing. I live on the east coast
    and PBFD is not uncommon here. It's a beak & feather disease
    that roots from a vitamin deficiency, like A & K and an
    immunity problem. Over-preening and excessive nail growth is
    a major symptom, along with feather loss as the disease
    progresses. Then, the feathers either won't come back in or
    will do so very slowly. The root to this disease is an
    extreme itching problem for them and is not good. Get your
    bird some "8 in 1 Vita Sol multi-vitamin by UltraVite" at
    the pet store and follow the directions for now until you
    can find out what's wrong. They need the vitamins anyway.
    Make sure you change their food and water everyday and
    refrigerate the bottle when not using the vitamins. I am so
    sorry if I have scared you, it's just worse case scenerio.
    Birds preen alot but not every minute. I can help you with
    the blood testing via email or phone and so can most of the
    people on this website. That's what we're here for and most
    of us really do care... I know I do. God Bless, Connie

    On 7/25/08, Sheila wrote:
    > My conure has been flitching excessively. Is there in
    > medication to stop his itching. I have looked for mites
    > not seen any plus I have given him 2 Mite and lice spray
    > baths and does not seem to help. I am at a loss. Can any
    > one help me Thank you Sheila Carmichael