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Re: lost blue-head conure (named ricky) Riverside, Rhode Isl

Posted by karen on 7/29/08
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    On 7/28/08, sandeee wrote:
    > i've had my bird ricky for 25 years. a friend was taking
    > care of him and unfortunately he flew off, and at first to
    > a not so high tree, but wouldn't come onto a stick. it's
    > been 6 days, now, and he's been seen a few times right in
    > the same area, but he's up in much higher trees. can anyone
    > give me suggestions? obviously he's freaked out. thank
    > you!! sandeee

    Take his cage to him & put a smaller cage up in the tree.
    You may want to put a string on the door to pull the door
    shut if he gets into the cage. Put his loved items in the
    cages, food, toys, bed, what ever he likes best.
    contact parrot 911 to see if you have one of there people
    near you to help.
    link with there tips

    When My TAG got out, I located him on the 3rd day.
    I stood at the base of the tree he was in calling & tapping
    my shoulder with noone else around the area to distract or
    scare him. after a bit of coaxing he flew to a nearby bush
    and let me pick him up.