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Re: 6 week old baby sun conure

Posted by Connie on 8/09/08
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    Hi Caitlyn, When you get your baby bird, he should be around
    8 weeks old and already weaned. If they tell you that he's
    on 2 feeings a day, he should be about 6 weeks old and they
    shouldn't have sold him to you if they knew you weren't (no
    offense but) bird smart. Usually if someone tells you that
    they are still on 2 feedings a day, they know/sense that you
    can do the feedings and wean the bird. All of my birds have
    weaned themselves by 8 weeks old. Give him some medium
    hookbill food, maybe some millet and try him on some fresh
    fruits & veggies. Connie

    On 7/31/08, Caitlyn wrote:
    > Hello I got my baby sun conure 2 weeks so when it was 4
    > weeks old its name is Indigo because the beautiful blue
    > under his wings and on his tail feathers...I dont know how
    > to wean him off the formula I put the supreem pellets in a
    > bowl in his cage to see if it will eat them he just pees
    > and poops in the I know its disgusting but it
    > kind of funny too!!! Please help I dont know when or how
    > wean him and the breeder I got him from told me he has fed
    > baby birds up til 3 months he lets them decide when they
    > are ready to wean and I was thinking that was really not
    > right he told me to keep him on 3 handfeedings a day but
    > then I see breeders post for sale baby on 2 handfeedings a
    > day am I screwed up or is the breeder I got Indigo from
    > just not smart?