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Re: Messy!

Posted by Sue on 10/07/08
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    You really should be feeding your conure pellets not seeds.
    Seeds are like candy to them and should be given for treats.
    A stable diet is one of pellets along with fresh fruits and

    On 9/25/08, HomeCaqre wrote:
    > I think Hilda deserves a good answer not a cocky one. Its true
    > birds are messy creatures, but lets be of more help to
    > people shall we ?....Thank you Hilda for being kind to our
    > feathered friends
    > On 8/07/08, Hilda Quagmire wrote:
    >> On 8/07/08, melissa wrote:
    >>> Just wondering if there is conure food out there that
    >>> doesn't make a mess like seed mixtures....I am a a new mom
    >>> to a 12 wk old blue crown.
    >> its not the food thats messy its your bird. duh