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Re: Messy!

Posted by petparrots on 10/31/08
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    We feed a mixture of healthy seed/ dried fruit/ pasta/ veggie and
    offer pellets but not fond of only pellet diets. Pellets are not
    natural to birds, and with a well balanced diet birds need bee
    pollen,hemp seed bugs an grub mixtures and natural supplements
    such as liquid kelp in water bottles, liquid sunshine drizzled
    over foods to maintain healthy feathers and talons.Make sure birds
    get proper full spectrum lighting and drenching showers to
    maintain feather health and good preening habits. Humidifires are
    used in dry months and always run a air cleaner, change filters on
    furnaces frequently.

    On 10/07/08, Sue wrote:
    > You really should be feeding your conure pellets not seeds.
    > Seeds are like candy to them and should be given for treats.
    > A stable diet is one of pellets along with fresh fruits and
    > vegetables.
    > On 9/25/08, HomeCaqre wrote:
    >> I think Hilda deserves a good answer not a cocky one. Its true
    >> birds are messy creatures, but lets be of more help to
    >> people shall we ?....Thank you Hilda for being kind to our
    >> feathered friends
    >> On 8/07/08, Hilda Quagmire wrote:
    >>> On 8/07/08, melissa wrote:
    >>>> Just wondering if there is conure food out there that
    >>>> doesn't make a mess like seed mixtures....I am a a new mom
    >>>> to a 12 wk old blue crown.
    >>> its not the food thats messy its your bird. duh