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Re: how to get over the loss

Posted by Connie on 9/16/08
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    Danielle, You may never get her back. Some people have tried
    putting mirrors outside their door in hopes their birds will
    see themselves and also keeping the door open for them. All
    of these things is futile and crazy. You have probably lost
    your bird. I know hindsight is 20-20 but the wings should be
    clipped because it doesn't take but a split second for them
    to fly away if they are not clipped. Not only is it a loss
    of money but you never get over it. Give yourself some time
    to cry and always hope it will return but realize that the
    chances are very slim. I will pray for your bird to find
    it's way home but a prayer may be your only hope. Moan for
    this loss and try to move on. If it's meant to be, it will
    come home and if not, then it won't. There's an old saying
    that goes like this: If you love something, set it free. If
    it's yours,it will come home and if not, it wasn't meant to
    be. We all suffer the loss with you and we are here....

    On 9/12/08, Danielle wrote:
    > I lost my beautiful sun conure Sunny last night. How do
    > you get over that loss? any suggestions, i want to just
    > bring her back.